stree: a better Git subtree command

Subtrees are a great way to share a single tree across multiple projects using it in their own codebases. For many use-cases, they are a vastly superior alternative to submodules. Alas, there is no built-in equivalent to git submodule to help you properly manage subtrees.


Maintenance of git stree has stopped in favor of another third-party project: git-subrepo. It is actively maintained, much more robust, with more features, excellent test coverage and system integration, and more. It does cover all the actual use cases, and there's no point in plodding forward with git-stree now.

Get there for all your subrepo management needs, you'll love it! :heart:

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who gave git-stree a spin, and contributed some of their time to feedback and possibly pull requests. But because this project is now deprecated and maintenance has stopped, pull requests won't be accepted anymore, and issues are closed. If you *really want to keep with it*, feel free to fork and make progress! Thanks a ton for using this so far.